Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dedication...a deeper thought

Today we had our baby dedicated at our Church Community. Family and friends stood with us as we vowed that we would raise her in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Today, was a day of high emotions, and I held back for most of the morning, but as the day progressed, I began to unravel. Watching those in our community interact with Phoebe and us, her parents, I was reminded of the walking with these people prior to Phoebe's arrival...and prior to Paula and I marrying...and prior to me coming back to the Lord.

This morning as Paula and I prepared to go to Church, I looked at her in wonder and said, "Could you have imagined this ever?"

Both of us said "No!" This was something that both of us thought would never happen in our life. First to be walking in health, second to have met and married, and third to now have a child to raise. She has been in our lives for just under 4 months and we realize it seems she has always been with us. God has pretty much changed our lives with her presence, creating a deeper dependency on Him who created her.

But I am overwhelmed. As I see those in our lives who will walk out their faith in the presence of Phoebe. Who will inspire her to be Christ like, who will spur her on in her faith. My mom who wrote a card to Phoebe said, that her hope for Phoebe is that the two of them will meet in glory. What a sweet day that will be.

Knowing that we are 'older' parents, means looking after ourselves, caring for what God gave us as vessels and trusting that God will provide all we need to parent well and to provide for Phoebe as she grows up. Our hope for her is that she make her faith her own. That she accepts Jesus and lives for him the rest of her days. That she never waivers to the left or to the right.

We are blessed to have people in our lives who love us and care for us. We are overjoyed really with Jesus, and how he has transformed two people out of darkness into his glorious light. As I stood there in front of the church, I looked at the two other girls being dedicated. I know one of the little girls stories of how she got to be with her parents...and their parents know Phoebe's parents story, and the miracle that she is even present today. So we smiled knowing the greater story that God wants to do in these girls lives. To be a prophetic voice in our community, and in our world.

Lord you are so good to us. I am so grateful and my heart is full. Full of love for you, and your desire for us as your children...Lord help us parent well, out of the parenting we learn from you.

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Marcia said...

Ken, I am just touched by that post. You and your sweet family are such an amazing example of God's grace and his goodness. Thank you for sharing, once again, your heart here for us to read. Your testimony again encouraged my heart. Your Pheobe is a precious and beautiful gift from the One who does the impossible all the time. I look at my family and see His amazingness every day.