Tuesday, August 30, 2011

back at it!

It's time to get back into this thing called blogging. I have done some thinking over the last year especially since our daughter is now turning 2!!

I put aside writing because, I really was just plain tired. Being a 44 year old dad means to be intentional with everything, especially with my time. Even now as I type this at 11 pm, I realize my greatest gift to Phoebe and to Paula is to head to bed, get a great night sleep and begin again in the morning.

Alas, I am a night hawk. Love the night and get my second wind around 10 pm.

So I won't make this profound or amazing, but rather, a statement that I am coming back on. Typing my thoughts and the things that mull inside my head.

It's gonna be interesting folks. Sometimes, it won't be anything profound...sometimes, it may be things to ponder and think about...and maybe you'll get a laugh or a tear. But I am thankful and humbled by those who continue to read this blog, and comment, and those who have been encouraged by the journey God has me/us on. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Seriously, it is what brings me to my knees and brings me to the cross of Jesus everytime.

Things I am working on...writing...worship! Oh, and I have my first Sermon in September. I am kinda excited about that. The topic "things we don't talk about in church...namely SEX!"

Only God in His great mercy can take a former gay activist, transform his life into a humble servant...willing to share the journey with others, so that God receives all the glory and fame...and hopefully others who are struggling, can rise to their feet and know in increasing ways...the supreme love of our Papa...and be open with their own lives so others can see that there is hope!!!

Until next time...blessings to you in your own journey.


Sarah said...

You're back at it with your blog... yeah!

Marcy said...

Yahoo! You give 'er man! Would you come and preach at our church about that little forbidden word?? :-)

kenny said...

its great to be back on...and yes, Marcy...just say when.