Tuesday, June 04, 2013

TRANSITIONS - Rest - New Beginnings

In spring of 2006, I heard the clear call to join the staff of what was then, New Direction for Life Ministries (now Living Waters Canada Central Region.)

It was an exciting and very new experience for me, entering a full time Missionary Support role.  How does one adequately prepare for a position seeking to minister to people dealing with various life struggles?  For myself, I attended numerous workshops, conferences and training seminars, while applying the principles to my life and using everything that I learned to minister to others.

My experience with Living Waters Canada, as the Resource Program/Intake Coordinator has provided me the opportunity to grow exponentially as a leader; equipping me to serve the body of Christ in ways that I love! 

I have had the honour to talk with countless men and women both locally and internationally who have shared deeply, their life struggles in their relationships and in their sexuality.  It is humbling to often be the first person, to hear them express their concerns.

Coordinating programs and helping put on events such as the Gender and Sexuality Conferences, have been highlights for me.  God is very much interested in gender, sexuality and how we relate to one another in wholeness rather than through our deficits.  Serving in this much needed ministry has been a great blessing and allowed me to grow in ways; that I can hardly see, the man who left a gay identity in 2005.  To God be the GLORY!

In the midst of my 7 years with Living Waters Central Region,  I got married to Paula and God gave us a miracle daughter Phoebe, who is now 3 1/2.  I am amazed at the Lord’s hand in my life and how He does restore what the canker worm has eaten.  Thank you for rejoicing with us!

Two years ago, I began to feel God stirring up the possibility of leaving Living Waters.  Since I love the ministry I wondered why God would be leading me in this direction.  I sought Godly counsel and was encouraged to serve and learn in this place and to seek confirmation, for what I sensed, God was asking me to do. 

In the Fall of 2012 during a time of worship and prayer, I heard the Lord say I had 8 months left with Living Waters.  I continued to pray for confirmation.   In  January of the New Year, both Paula and I sensed, 2013 was a year of new beginnings. 
I knew this was confirmation, that God was directing me to leave full time ministry with Living Waters and to trust Him  in whatever He planned as “next” for me and my family.

Paula and I  continue to call Trinity Baptist Church our home community and are actively serving, as House Group  Leaders and Marriage Prep Counselors;  and  I am on the preaching roster and worship team.  Paula and I love marriage ministry and we also know the continued call to speak prophetically in regards to sexuality and gender.  We believe God is asking us to trust fully in Him and the next step that He has for us.  We know that He loves us , we are His children and we are seeking to obediently follow His lead and direction. 

We value each of you and who you are to us.  Your faithfulness to partner in prayer and financial support has enabled us to minister and speak to hundreds of people within the body of Christ;  (who have often struggled in silence) fearing those in their community would reject them, if they knew their story.  You have supported us in equipping the Church to be safe, and loving, having an ability to walk with others regardless of the issue that is being addressed. 

I have given my formal notice of resignation, for June 28th, 2013.  I would encourage you to continue to support Living Waters Canada Central Region in their desire to provide a safe place where people can be honest about their life  struggles, and ask the hard questions. 

Each of you have blessed and encouraged us and I am deeply grateful.  We know the steps ahead are full of exciting opportunities to serve the Lord in His Kingdom  purposes.  If you would like to talk with me regarding this announcement I would be happy to meet with you. 

Be blessed today, as you have been a great blessing to us.  Some people have asked how they could support us financially in this transition.  If you feel called or led to support us, you can email me at kennyp66@gmail.com. 

Much love,

Kenny, Paula & Phoebe Warkentin


Marcy P said...

Oh Kenny!! What a big decision and I'm sure it's been one that has caused much heartache and perhaps, in the end, relief. I pray God will directly lead you to the place he wants you to be. Perhaps a time of healing to renew and redirect yourselves is just what you need to propel yourselves in the "right" direction. I am sitting on pins and needles as I look forward to seeing where God leads you, as an amazing unit and a "called" family...what ministry will this lead to? Only God knows. So exciting and terrifying at the same time...I should message you to tell you of our similar thoughts this year.

kenny said...

Oh please do. Maybe a phone call sometime.

Sarah-Jane Melnychuk said...

Hi Kenny,

I consider it a privilege to have been able to meet both you and Paula, your stories, your testimony (both you and Paula) they have been an encouragement to me ...

Sometimes when I see a testimony I wish I had I can sense something bitter-sweet, because I rejoice in how I see God transforming and healing others in a way I have yet to see for myself but then I am reminded how everybody's journey will look different which does actually take away of the bitterness and guards my own heart while I hold captive every thought to the obedience of Christ and take hold of every blessing in Christ. I've been encouraged to do just that when reading your blog and when observing how God is at work in your life and Paula's and of course, countless of others I've connected with over the years.

It would be interesting to see where God will take you and your family but one thing I know and trust is that all of this will be to God's glory as you walk out the plans the Lord has for you and your family, wherever that may be. It's sad to see you resign from Living Waters Central but exciting to see where He is leading you.

God Bless you both as you continue to journey with Christ both in your individual walk with Christ and as a family. I hope you continue with your blog here :)