Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10 year anniversary

I've been a bit silent here...but have a moment so I thought I'd give an encouraging word! This is my 10th anniversary of walking away from an 8 year gay relationship and almost 40 years of walking with same sex attraction and now I'm walking in dependence of my Heavenly Father, my brother Jesus and my advocate the Holy Spirit. It has been an amazingly challenging walk. There have been ups and downs, and what I have grown to realize is that no matter what is put in front of me, how tired I am, how exhausted I feel I have a choice in how I walk out life with the Lord. I've been reading in Colossians and in Chapter 3 it talks about a taking off of the old self and putting on the new self. Its a work that we are called to do on an on going basis. 3:10 says "Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him."

We are exhorted to remember that since we have been raised up in new life with Christ, we are to set our vision/gaze on the realities of Heaven...not the things of earth. (human philosophies, worldly views etc) We are hidden in Christ Jesus and we are to put away, take off, put to death the sinful, earthly things lurking inside us. We are called to do that...not someone else.  It is a conscious decision on our part.  Then I'm called to put on the new things...the realities of heaven.  This means I'm mindful of my walk and how I respond and react and live day by day. 

The greatest news is that none of us can do this work on our own. The gift of God's incredible grace poured out on us through the work of Jesus on the cross and in his resurrection, and our dependence on the Power of the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to listen to the Lord. To believe that God has got our stuff, and He will accomplish the work that He is intending to complete in us.

In our weakness His strength is perfected. As I thought of that I had a vision of myself with cracks and places where I am desperately weak...(ya I'm utterly weak and will boast in this place!) and then the power of God comes into me when I trust him with my life and the situation that I am facing. (even prepping a sermon, I cry out to him knowing that I can't do it in my strength and power) As He empowers and fills me...light rays shoot out of me and people see the glorious work and power of God...He gets all the credit as He shows himself...which is a relief and a blessing.

Brothers and sisters, don't tire of doing good. Be still and know that the one true God who imagined you, formed you and knows you more than you yourself know you...is affectionate toward you. He will accomplish the work, trust Him with every part of your life...all the weak places, all the areas yet to be uncovered. He loves you with an extravagant and unrelenting love.

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