Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just some thoughts...on a Saturday

So sometimes I get tired of writing about same gender stuff. I get tired of thinking about it and get tired of talking about it. Maybe I even get tired of living it!!

Then I meet a client and share parts of the story that Jesus has written in my life and I get emotional, thinking of what Jesus has actually done in my life. I am in AWE. Seriously. IN AWE.

Who am I that he would think on me? Yet he does...and with passion and an extreme love that I could waste my life trying to figure out. So I bask in it.

Paula and I are sharing our testimony this Sunday. We have written a poetic version of our story and we have continually added to it, and have shared it now on an international scale. We love to share it, as it speaks to the heart, and really speaks of Transforming Love. A love that captures the heart and draws one into a redemptive plan for every aspect of our lives.

The feeling tired could be sleep deprivation. I have a hard time sleeping...and the Doctor actually gave me a massage prescription...for therapy. Hoping that this works. She gave me a list of things to do...on a holistic and to be pro-active. Especially since we have a child under 2...who by the way is A-Dorable. She makes me laugh every day with her antics. She also keeps me busy reading and reading and reading. Today I read her a book with sign language in it and she copied me and it was beautiful. Bright kid! Thank you Lord.

So we enter into a very busy week. Sharing 3 times. Feeling prepared and ready. I am looking forward to the Gender conference on the 19th. Hopefully people actually attend. I wrote a response called freedom...especially geared to those who are gay Christian's who are content and happy being gay...and who actually feel God made them this way.

I won't post in on here yet, but it was challenging to write. Yet timely and applicable to our culture of today, as well for the Christian community. One of the basic points is...

In Church's there can be a view that the issue of same gender isn't in our church, so we don't have to talk about it. It isn't in our family so it doesn't affect us. Yet, we are all one body. Regardless of denomination, location, worship style, size or shape, we are one. It isn't applicable to say it doesn't affect us, if someone in another location is...or the issue has been brought up there. If just one person struggled with same the whole body of affects us and is something we need to learn to talk about and minister out of a position of truth and grace...equally yoked.

So...I am kinda excited about the Freedom speech.

On another equally important one...our hearts and prayers go out to the nation of Japan as it uncovers loss and begins to rebuild and clean up after the devastation. It is heart breaking to see the photos and video footage. Lord Jesus have mercy.


Sarah said...

Thanks for writing this post. The testimony that you and your wife have is encouraging.

By the end of this month I'll be sharing my testimony at church. To be honest I'm realy struggling and realy tired of the same gender stuff myself as well.

So... I guess this is where the whole dieing to self comes in and holding every thought captive to the obedience of Christ knowing that God is for me not against.

As you and Paula share your testimony this Sunday I'll keep you in prayer. And if you are willing pray for me too.

As the scripture says... They (us) over came satan by the blood of the lamb, the word of their testimony, not loving their lives unto death.

As you share your powerful testimony of healing and the freedom that you now experience in Christ may the Lord continue His work in you and also Paula, and bless you as you faithfuly serve Him.

Sarah said...

Just to add some clarity to my comment...

I'm tired of the struggle and sometimes wish that my daily battle were less complicated and wish that my temptations were different. I realy need to find a balance because same gender stuff is not everything. There realy is so much more to life then same gender issues.

Marcy said...

I am praying for you both as you continue to share your lives and testimony with others. I think it must be exhausting as you counsel people continually and share your heart and soul with them. I pray that God will refresh you and give you rest. May God's healing hand be on you.