Sunday, March 06, 2011


How do you listen to the word?

Does your heart harden when it hears the word, or does it rejoice, beat more freely, become alive?

We were challenged today with the life lesson at Soul. It caused me to examine my life and see if there were things that I need to let go of. So I can fully be alive in Christ, to mature and to hear His voice through scripture, through wise counsel.

Yep...there always is. I am human. I fall short and often go to things to fill my life rather than go to God to fill me. I begin to walk in my own strength rather than cling to Jesus, my savior and redeemer. I eat too much for comfort sake, I drink to "just feel a buzz", I play that one too many games of Mario Kart, I do one extra Sudoko, rather than open the word. I'll be entertained by a movie...but do I take the time to be entertained by God? To allow him to delight in me. Because He does...He delights in me, if I am aware of it or not. He loves me, allures me, beckons me...and I can either listen or not. I can fill my life with all sorts of things other than him.

This is about denying oneself and taking up the cross. To find balance and meaning in all know when things begins to take more meaning than Jesus, that it's time to repent and refocus on him. He longs to give us the desires of our heart...which doesn't mean we get everything we want, rather, He want us to first desire Him. To long for him and the things of Christ.

So thanks for the timely message Lord!!! The message to again focus on you, and to hear your voice. To listen. To really listen...and pray that my heart continues to become more and more alive, so that seeds fall and bring into being a large crop.

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