Friday, February 17, 2012

Vital Support

This post is titled...Vital Support...for good reason.

 Did you know that all our support comes from within the body of Christ? We do not receive any Government Funding. Now you may think...well, that's great! But I want to let you in on a secret... "Did you know that the Government helps fund Diversity Training? Educational Resources/support for those seeking Gender Reassignment surgery?

In our city, we have a resource center that supports youth, adults, families, educational institutions, work environment to:
Broaden diversity
provide support groups for LGBTTQ youth
provide performance cabaret workshops
radical cheerleading workshops
drag workshops

They support all those questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity, providing information, education and support to foster supportive relationships. I went to one of the sponsoring links and that organization itself has 56 community sponsors across Canada...from public education divisions to folk festivals, art galleries etc.

What struck me as I was reading their mission, core values and all the free programs they provide, was the difficult fact of fundraising for our ministry within the Body of Christ. The difficulty to provide and support those who struggle with same sex attraction who because of their faith choose to not identify themselves as LGBTTQ.

My question...Where is the body of Christ? Are you being a Vital Support?
Are you donating to ministries on the front line, who are addressing Gender and Sexuality?
Are you providing funds for people to attend Conferences? (because you won't host one?)
Are you a safe place for those who are struggling within your community?
Are you a safe place for those who may identify themselves as LGBTTQ?
In your safe place, do you provide workshops, bible studies, and educational information on sexuality and gender?

When I left my gay identity and sought support within the Body of Christ, I was lucky (blessed), to have people who walked with me...a few close friends who supported me. But there are countless men and women who still live in fear, within the Body of Christ, who wouldn't dare even mention that they struggle with "this". Countless men and women who fear the "body of Christ" for good reason. I've heard plenty of stories.

I wonder if that's because they've heard words/jokes that would make it unsafe for them? I wonder if in their own journey's they look around and hardly hear people's authentic struggle with life. Struggles with lust, pornography, relationships, overeating, envy, shopping, etc!

It just struck me the other day...why it's so hard to get people to support this ministry. Why it's hard for people to even have us in to speak? Why do they wait till an emergency...and then who do you think they call? When the emergency has been just around the corner for all of us!

So, this may be a heavy...and if so, then you may want to think about donating! Maybe this is a challenge for you to see what the world is offering those whom we can't minister to because we lack the funds, resources and the people power to minister on the front lines.  If any of you want to know what is out there (culturally speaking) let me know and I will send you to some sites and you can see what it going on. 

If you want to hear more about ministries that are out there who are offering information, education, support to foster supportive relationships, Godly Gender and sexuality conferences, conferences to help marriages stay together and grow stronger, conferences for those who struggle with same sex attraction who are seeking support in not identifying as LGBTTQ...then let me know...I know plenty!

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Marcy said...

I don't think it comes across as angry at all Kenn. I think your post makes some incredibly valid points. I read this right after reading the first lines in your most recent post and haven't gone back to read that one yet...Keep up the good fight. It is a spiritual war, as you know. You are on God's side, which is not the popular side, as you also know. I was just discussing this with my kids today. They are getting hassled in school about being a Christian/loving Jesus. I told them that it was normal to feel like not wanting to identify as a Jesus follower sometimes b/c it is not popular. It's tough...I know I have totally gone off topic, kinda.