Friday, April 13, 2012

changing course

Today was a FULL day...long and packed with so much good stuff.  I will have to dig into the audio teachings after this.  WHEW! 
Did you know you can listen to our testimony on the 2010 conference track at

There really is some pretty rich teachings. 

Today Patrick the head Pastor talked about how we got this very different than what we probably think.  There are factors that intertwine in us that influence us in our growth as humans, and then there's the 'fall' into sin.  Yet we see generations before us walking it great ways and not so great ways.  Do we see a legacy in our own lives?  What if we never see the legacy...or how we walk out our lives and the impact it has on others?  I prayed that today that I wouldn't be consumed with "who gets it and when" but rather, be faithful to what God has given me right now to be a good witness, and preach the gospel...and leave the rest up to him.

Eric...another pastor taught tonight on God's love for us...and the importance of brokenness.  Sometimes we get saved because we have an authentic experience, or we realize we don't want to go to hell, or that it's the right thing to do.  We can think...okay...did I'm okay...and we begin to work for God rather than be loved and in love with God and know that it isn't what we do and how we serve or tithe or do missions, but rather, it's uncovering just how much God loves us...and has given us the holy spirit to live IN US.  I have heard this message before, but tonight it was a spoke new things into my life...thank you Eric for obediently hearing from the are a faithful friend.

Now...I am exhausted...and it's time for bed.  Another full day tomorrow...and then Church Sunday morning. 

It's also great...GREAT, to be here with 4 other couples from Manitoba.  Each of you are a gift and blessing...and God is doing great things in your hearts.

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