Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Our Testimony...Poetic style


Here is a clip of Paula and I sharing our testimony at the CrossPower Ministries Marriage Conference in 2010.

We have shared this in many locations...and are willing to come share it with your church community.


Mike said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kenny. Have heard you and Paula share this before but love hearing it every time. Was particularly encouraged and strengthened by this today.

Sarah-Jane Melnychuk said...

Well I have seriously been blessed listening to your testimony. The last few weeks I've been really really struggling and thinking this is just too difficult. At the EGA training in Toronto I had some time thinking about the preservation of my testimony. Of course, I'm getting attacked, because satan would much rather me not testify or at the very least limit the power of my testimony by discrediting my testimony... I've been needing some kind of encouragement and I'm glad I waited to listen to your testimony because it has come to me at the right time! The both of you really are an inspiration to me. I continually pray for you both as you journey with Him :)