Monday, October 30, 2006


I sit here listening to Sufjan are not never leave...I love you cannot be said a better way. It's everything you promised!

Today, a step out into greater vulnerability...first time...totally,opening up my life for all to see. To see how God has moved in and taken over.

God has redeemed my life. It is exciting and wonderful. Who really cares who knows my past and present and future. All I know is that I am laying it all down. I lay down my life and give it all over to God. Use me Lord in ways, that I cannot fully comprehend. The world may look at me and shake their heads...saying I am not being myself and using you as a crutch, but I look at it as freedom to be who you have called me to be. I look at it as laying down my life for others. To take my eyes off myself.

Today, I shared my life...with those in my community where I worship and live life. It was emotionally charged and exhausting. But people surrounded me with tears, hugs and encouragement beyond my belief. I look to you Oh God with wonder and amazement. Your promises are true. You restore the years the locusts have eaten. It is never too late for anyone to stop and look to you. To ask for transformation and forgiveness. Why wait?

I turn 40 this seems so old, yet I feel so young. I have a new lease on life. A brand new day beginning.
I am blessed to be a part of Soul Sanctuary. An authentic place to worship and be me.
Spent the evening enjoying working at Hesed. Serving and taking the eyes off of me. Then relaxing at home and talking with my brother who is a gift.

Planning a trip...celebrating my birthday in ways that I have always wanted. I am enjoying the gift that you have given me. Life. God you are amazing and true to your word.

Well, gotta run...will post tomorrow too.
Shalom...and thanks for all of those who listened to me speak yesterday. To those who warmly hugged me and thanked me for being honest and real. Stories are worth telling. Tell yours.

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