Monday, September 22, 2008

Days of Noah

Are we in the days of Noah?

Where people drank, lived a life of merriment, laughing, scoffing. When people will scoff at those who believe, conservatively and not necessarily scoff at the "liberal theology, that anything goes".

Today, I was reminded of who God is...and His heart for me...and His children. I was reminded of the cost of following Christ.

There is a cost! When you believe in Christ, it is not just..."let's love people..." but it is allowing him to refine and change you. It means getting into the trenches and realizing that the very act of the cross means more than just "loving others" it means that Christ came to change people.

So when we start believing that...the Bible's translation by man is marred, and that the word of God does not mean what it says, and that really anything goes...because once you start thinking that one sin issue is okay, then really, it is all okay.

Some people have said I am a fool to believe that I can change from a gay identified man to one that is not. Some people say that I am suppressing and some people say that my marriage is a fake, and some people say that just because I am still tempted means that nothing has changed. These people are saying I am a fool. These people are saying that no one has changed or can change...and these people then do not believe in Jesus...the Christ who is in the habit of change. He is in the profession of radically changing people. Christ came for me! He came to make things right, not wrong.

Today, I reminded someone that I have been on both sides of the coin here. I have lived both lives. Actually I am ex ex ex gay! Yet...even that is not what defines me. I am a follower of Christ, who believes radically in His word. Not because, I am hoping I don't miss out when he comes again (you know the better believe in him, because it is a win win situation...and if Jesus doesn't exist then I did not miss anything anyway!)
I love JESUS! I love what he has done and continues to do in my life. I had a life altering moment with God which radically changed me. Hear me...He changes me, not me changing myself. Maybe this is simplistic...maybe to some naive...but it is the story that God is writing in my life...not the other way around.

So I think we are in the days of Noah...which is the days of the coming of the King. People get ready, Jesus is coming...and I think we may be in for a shock!


Cathy said...

Hey friend, glad you're blogging again...

Janey said...

Hi there,

I was wondering if there would be a person out there in blogosphere or the church who perhaps might have had a similar conversion experiences as yourself... the process of which you went through...

describing yourself as ex ex ex-gay... is what I am referring to.

There are voices out there that speak quite loudly that they "tried" and it "didn't work" for them and so then joined the world of the ex-ex-gay.

My prayer was to come in contact with a person who has had that kind of experience.

Anyways, it's an encouragement to see people with your testimony. It's an encouragement because truth always reigns. When our Heavenly Father calls us into relationship with Him he doesn't abandon us even though we might walk away from Him. In my own journey I have seen God's faithfulness most evidently during the times I had been farthest away.

I hope you blog more real soon.

God Bless!

Janey said...

Correction with what I wrote above...

My prayer was to come into contact with a person with your experience with being ex-ex-ex-gay.

Although I agree... I really believe it's not with the label gay/ex-gay/ex-ex-gay/ex-ex-ex-gay but rather who we are in Christ being our focal point in where we identify.