Saturday, May 06, 2006

last couple of weeks

The last few weeks in review!

Things have not been easy, yet they have not been hard. 2 weeks ago, I met with the Board of Directors for New Direction and will be stepping into a ministry role come this summer. Some people have asked if this will be something that I will do for the rest of my life. The Lord knows the plans he has for me. I take steps in the direction that I know he is calling me to. I was affirmed by the board and felt peace with joining the staff there. It is a work that I feel strong about. It is cutting edge and not politically correct...but God honoring and truthful. Feeling like this is it. That finally, I have peace in what I am doing...a good thing.

I entered into the SALT program, which deals with people struggling with sexual addiction. Okay...we have had 2 meetings...and yep, God is still pouring out his understanding and love. I feel encouraged and blessed by those I meet. The material and the understanding of this issue is huge. It is a continuation of Living Waters.

My youngest brother stayed with me a couple of days while his new apartment was getting ready and then Paul and I helped him clean it and ya, things are going nicely for him. He is working his first shift as a grip (movie biz) and I am so excited for him. I have been praying for him for a long time....keep moving...keeping listening.

I totally forgot everything last week...housegroup's breakfast...but this week housegroup was canceled and men's breakfast...I continue to feel accepted and wonderful being there.

There are times, when I sit and be still and feel the weight of the world trying to crush me, but I am not defined by the worlds standards. I follow a God who directs my path, who gives me strength when I am weak and who loves me...loves me...loves me. He calls me to a higher standard.

This weekend...laundry and setting up the basement, cleaning and maybe putting in a few plants...and rest! Sunday, I am going with Tye to speak at a church. I get to say a few words.

Well, right now that has been the last couple of weeks..I am exhausted, and so the cats call...bed!


RottenRobbie said...

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses, oh burner of the midnight oil:). Sounds like things are really ramping up. Hang in there...

f953m said...
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RottenRobbie said...

Ya Ken...ya gotta act NOW!!! Who is this guy anyway????