Sunday, May 28, 2006

A few weeks May

So, there are many thoughts at work in my brain tonight. I worked an evening shift at Hesed and it was so peaceful and good. I enjoy working there so much. The residents are real. No pretense, no fake fronts. It is refreshing to say the least.

So it brings me to think of my life and how things have changed for me this past year.

I am dating.
I live in the west end.
I will soon give up my job and start working as an urban missionary.
I live on my own.
I enjoy it tremendously.
I have a house group that I attend and an inspiring church.
I work with Harry Lehotsky through Lazarus Housing.
I work at an Aids Transition House.

Serving others has been the key to my sobriety. It has been 125 days since my last sexual fall. Wow...I said that out loud. It is good. I recognize so much that I rely on God more and more. To realize that I am not valued by the person I sleep with but by the love of Christ. I am okay...regardless of what people think.
Community has played a key part in my healing journey.

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