Friday, September 15, 2006


So I stand in awe of my creator, the one who breathes life into me. The one who dwells within me, teaching me, strengthening me, loving me. The list of who God is and what he is doing in my life could just go on and on.

This summer, challenging, yet full of surprizes and wonder! God is taking me past my every misconception and bringing reality into my life. What it means to really be a man. What it really means to be a brother. What it really means to be a leader.
God pours out his grace and mercy and shows me each area in my life that needs improvement and direction. Why does he do that? Because he loves me and does not want me to be the same man I was yesterday or that matter the same one a second ago.

I will write more next week, but I have been so busy with things that I forget to sit and until next week...


Gregger said...

Hey Kenny,



A Not So Desperate Housewife said...

Kenny, I was very inspired by your testimony Sunday morning at Soul. I looked around our church and saw a great big sea of people, each one with a unique story to tell. And perhaps for one morning a week we all come together and we're able to feel seemingly normal for once, in the midst of all our indifferences. And the irony of it all is my story doesn't look like yours, though in a way there's such comfort and reasurrance in that fact. Because its not the story we hold that unifies us, its the path we're on, and the journey we've chosen to take that makes us one. Thank you for sharing your story Kenny. It doesn't look like mine, but I know that our feet are all on the same path to knowing God, out of what He has done for us.

Kevin said...

Beautiful photo, btw...

I went to a "Wild At Heart" group last night and the leader made the comment (paraphrased): "Inasmuch as we cannot release our fear, we doubt the character of God." I found this profound and related to your post, b/c when God disciplines me, refines me, tries to make me into a better man, I am afraid. And it hit me that I do not fully believe or embrace the true character of God: that he is good and a God of integrity, and that he has a purpose for me.