Friday, May 18, 2007

Porn...when is it going to end?

Dear Columbia House

Editor Winnipeg Free Press

Lately there has been an increase in reporting issues on sexuality in our culture. It has been amazing actually in the way things are being talked about, especially via your newspaper. People are free to talk about sexual addictions and the problems and come from that.

Yesterday, I was disturbed. I recently subscribed to the Columbia House DVD program and was shocked when I opened my mailing from them and found an insert that promoted the sale of pornography. I phoned them the next day to ask that I do not wish to have pornographic material sent to me via them. I have chosen not to have pornography in my home. I work with men and women who are trying to overcome their addictions to pornography and have seen the affects that porn has on adults. Most of them, this problem began as children, being exposed to pornography just by chance. This is the letter that I wrote to them.

"I am disturbed to find that you sent out pornography choices in the recent catalogue mailing (happy feet). It disturbs me that Columbia House as resorted to make money through the pornography industry. With problems increasing with sexual addiction in our society, it pains me to see this coming from you. You introduced pornographic material into my home. That is not acceptable in my opinion. I have chosen not to have material such as that enter my home and you purposefully included that in the mailing, with no regard. I will not support your company in this way and will reflect my choice and feelings with those whom I know and work with.

I work with men and women, who are struggling to overcome sexual addiction, some of whom have seen pictures as children and thus began a life long addiction. So I find it disturbing that you would promote pornography, for the sake of money and wealth and in the process partner with broken families, ruined lives and life long addictions.

I believe that you as a company can stand for righteousness and not play in to the denigration of our culture today."

With the issues of sexual addiction on the rise in our culture and the break down of marriages/partnerships dues to these addictions, I find it appalling that a large organization that reaches the homes of millions would include pornographic material. Especially into homes that include children. I believe as a society, we can stand and make a difference. Stand up and say no to large mail out organizations like Columbia House Canada. The woman I talked to said that some people want those mailings and so that is why they send them out. Yet, they did not ask me if I wanted pornographic material sent to me, they just sent it with no regard for my standard that I have set for myself, I wonder where our society is headed? So if I wrote in to Columbia House and asked them to send me material on bestiality, would they send that too me, or will it be included in a mail out? It is appalling to me. This has not happened just to me, as I shared this with a co-worker, she told me the same thing happened to a family member who phoned in and complained to them. They assured this person that they would never send out pornographic advertising. Interesting that this happened last year and surprise, they do send out material.

We have a problem in our society that says anything goes, regardless of who is harmed and I take a stand on this issue. I have seen too many men and women injured emotionally, and marriages destroyed due to the pornography industry, when is enough, enough and when will people stand up and shout that they are not going to take it anymore.

Sincerely, a man willing to stand up for other men and women and the children who are in the end the ones that suffer the most.



Stephanie said...

Good for you. We need more people who don't just talk about writing letters... we need people like you who actually write them, too. I spoke to the CEO of a company a few years ago, who said that they take all correspondence from consumers very seriously because they know that one letter represents hundreds of others who share the same opinion. Although it sometimes seems futile, sharing our opinion makes more difference than we think.

Cathy said...

Excellent, Kenny. Reminds me of Daniel 11 around verse 32-34. I kind of like it in the Message Version:

.. but those who stay courageously loyal to their God will take a strong stand.

..Those who keep their heads on straight will teach the crowds right from wrong by their example..