Friday, June 01, 2007

Trying to win me back!


So today, I get a call...

CH-"Hello, is this Kenny Warkentin (or as best as they can pronounce it)?"
CH-"Kenny, I am calling representing Columbia House, and we value you as a customer and noticed that you have decided to end your subscription. We would like to win you back with this special about it Kenny? What kind of movies to you watch?"
Kenny-"Well, actually, I am taking a moral stand, with Columbia House and have decided to not be a customer of yours because you sell pornographic movies."
CH-"What, I did not know we sold porn!"
Kenny-"Yes, you send offers to peoples homes with their selection of the month catalogue, and I have decided to take a stand on your policy regarding the distribution of pornographic material."
CH-"Well, okay, thanks very much, good bye."

Interesting...very interesting!
It was a good feeling to actually talk with someone again who works at Columbia House, voicing an opinion that goes contrary to what they may feel is right or wrong. Pornography is a huge problem in our society and I do not care if you are Christian or not. This is not just a Christian issue, it is a cultural issue. Too many people are becoming addicted to Porn and it is wrecking our society. Too many women and men are being abused, used and then thrown away in the Porn business.
Stand up, against pornography! It is not just explicit sex movies, or magazines, it is anything that expresses itself with sexual images. Advertising, movies, billboards...think about it as you drive or walk in the mall. It is time to open our eyes and see what we are doing to our society and our culture.

Just a thought today!

Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the sun, creation and those people in your life.


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