Sunday, June 10, 2007

dream home

So today we saw our dream home. This picture is not the home, but it is similar. I stumbled across it yesterday, when I was out looking for a article of furniture for the upcoming social. I was driving home, saw the open house sign and went and just walked through with my chin dropping on the floor. It was perfect size, location and style. The garden is a dream! The decor screamed our names. The home was tastefully decorated with many art pieces and it just fed into what I have dreamed for. We have prayed about windows and having lots of light, and that was also something the house had plenty of. It was also priced 20 grand more than what we can afford, and will likely go 20 grand higher than the listing price. So we sat and prayed about the home, and just offered it back to God.
I know myself and how I tend to compare, and I know that each home we look at I will compare to this one. I need to lay that down and offer up, rather, praise to God that he is doing a new thing. That he has blessed us and will continue to guide our steps and direction. He knows the plans for us, and they are not to cause us harm. So we continue to work on our debt load, and get that down. We know that planning a family is key for us and we are looking at that as a big possibility after the honeymoon. there is another thing...we can take a week off after the wedding, and we also know that my cousin is getting married in February and so we may look at taking a trip to where they live and be there for the wedding. Who knows right now. It depends on many different things that need to fall into place for us.
We can stay where I am and live here for awhile and pay off much...and put aside a little. I may be wise to stay put a year. But we also know the market is going crazy here and the interest rates will rise. So the broker has could be wise to get something now. If we can get a student, then that would help.
Well, we continue to press forward, praising God for what he is doing in our lives and our hearts. I do tend to get the stresses every once in awhile and it did finally hit me the other day and I got a cold that knocked me out for a couple of days. I feel a little better today, but am focusing on plenty of sleep and proper food. Loading up on garlic and more garlic.
We are studying Ephesians and so this past week, I read the book and today, focused my attention on really studying chapter one. God adopted me, he chose me. I look at that whole image of adoption, which is much more thought out than a planned birth. It is actually saying, I choose this child, regardless of it's background or upbringing. It is healing, and I look at my sister and brother in law and their two adopted children and I see how much they love them, and it is a picture of God to me. How God loves us regardless of our past or present failures. That he accepts us as his sons and daughters. i pray that that knowledge will go deep within my heart, and pray that also for you as you read. That the full revelation of how much God loves us and how He has chosen us will go deep within you. I pray that wisdom and revelation and complete understanding will come as God has said he will give that to us when we ask for that.

Peace to you...

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