Thursday, June 14, 2007


Today, as I waited on the Lord, I asked him to remind me of his blessing, and his faithfulness. I was tired today, feeling a bit empty and felt the need to wait on him. So the day went by...

...Pea and I went to meet with a wedding photographer and he is the best in Manitoba...okay, probably in Canada and I knew him and his wife from years ago...but that is years ago.
We met at his studio...the woman at the front desk greeted us with recognition...and realized our connection was Soul.

Then we met the photographer, and it was so comfortable, easy, we listened, taking it all in and getting excited...and for me I knew that he is so out of our range...yet, as a missionary, just gave a figure to God, one that we could afford and one we could do within our budget. After sharing our heart and our passion, he did a quote and we got blessed, all I will say is that God showed me his faithfulness and his blessing. He reminded me of that through this photographer...through the watching of Pea's face, through her tears after we left the building, as we shared our thankfulness. We left with grateful hearts. This is huge for us...this is new for us...this is beautiful. I keep seeing flowers bloom, I keep seeing Pea's face light up, and another part of her blossoms. It is really incredible and wonderful.

So we are getting ready, we are loving this time, even through wedding stresses, we sit back and you are faithful...and will Bless those who honor you and give you the glory.

I am excited that a few friends from a distance are coming...okay...way excited. I miss them and am looking forward in seeing them and celebrating with them. The day will be amazing and wonderful.

The social is June me for tickets...that will be a party you do not want to miss.

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