Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Living Waters...beginning

It has been awhile since I previously posted. Lots of stuff, keep me from entering what could be challenging for people to read.
August and September have been interesting. Keeping busy with life...trying to keep my head above the waters and spending tons of time with family and friends.
Today marked the first Living Waters class. I am taking an indepth course on sexual and relational issues. I am excited and scared all at the same time. What will come up out of this for me on my pathway to healing? Knowing only that God is in control and a constant companion is enough for me right now.
Have had lots of moments of "what have I done?", "it would be easier to just take the more travelled path", "maybe my ex partner is right!". Then I think of the amazing encounter with God, the work that he has already started in me, and the promise of a healthier future. Family continues to be a blessing, as well as some very good and faithful friends who understand the pain I feel. It has been 6 months since I ended my relationship with my ex partner. There are times of overwelming grief, and then there are times when I don't think about it. Continuing the journey and holding on to Jesus is pretty much all I can do.
I think I have found the church that I want to attend. It is not in the area that I had hoped, but the worship and teaching is great...now, I just need to know about their community...and the support that they offer.
Having not worked for 4 months in the summer has depleted the stockroom, and so any work that I get I am thankful for. Anyone know of a wealthy person...who gives to charity!?!
I hopefully move to the transition house that I will be houseparent for. I got offered a position to look after a 6 room, rooming house and in turn I get a one bedroom suite for reduced rent....praise God! My gardening experience will come in handy as did my painting. The place is looking great. Now, I just need furniture and a computer to help with my studies at University. My plate is full, and I am thankful for everything.
So Living Waters began today and it was everything I thought it would be. Next week, we have to share why we are there, and where we are coming from. Whew...something that I have wanted to do and just don't know what to say. I want to go deep, but we have to keep it brief. I look forward to this opportunity.
So I will keep you all informed of what is going on for me and probably ask for prayer requests from time to time.
Any revelations will be posted.
Revelation....today....that God is always there. I can screw up royally and God still is there. That won't ever change. He is faithful, when I am not. He keeps reminding me of that. I found it pretty amazing last week that God allows me to be in a place of needing him for a reason. That I turn myself/face toward him and rely on him, instead of doing it all in my own strength. I continue to ask for his assistance to get out of debt and for my daily needs to be met, so I can fully be of service to him. We are limited when we are in debt! So he reminds me to tithe, to give freely beyond that and to see what happens! I await what he has in store for me.
Blessings to those who read these simple meanderings.


manchu said...

Great to read another post Brother! I continue to appreciate these posts and its awesome to hear what God continues to show you as you lean on Him. He is always there. Even when we make mistakes. I have found that to be an encouragement beyond any others that I have received. It is a comfort to me that even though God will only show me the next step because that is His way, He always knows the big picture and where the steps will lead me. I just have to have faith and obediantly follow.


LightBulb the Clown said...

What a journey, yet far from just simple meanderings. More like grand full life transformations!! I think anytime God pulls us off the "more travelled path" and into a life journey with Him, it's far from simple.

It continues to be a blessing to my family and I, as we regain a relationship with you. The girls appreciated that you took time out of your day to see them when they were "tagging". Thank you for rekindling your relationship with them, with us!!

kenny said...

Thanks you two for the words of encouragement and blessing. Yes, it is great to rekindle relationships. LB-Thanks for always being there for me, even when I was in BC.
While I continue to be open and honest with how I am feeling, I am also learning to trust people enough to let them know about my feelings and hurts, or when life just feels way out of control. I hope that my blog can encourage others to do the same. To be real with their hurts and pains and let others in to that brokenness to help support one another.