Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Really late, reviewed my blog entry and was going to delete it. I guess for me I need to come to peace with me. Realizing that my faith is my relationship with Christ. To live by the Spirit and in that, not judging others, especially those who choose to live differently than me. I think I have been moving toward judging others and that is not right. Agh, this sin in my...I was talking with someone tonight and was just reminded how sinful I am. It is gross, I need a Tshirt that says...I am just a parasite....
God is so good and I am so bad. I wish I could get past some issues that I think about. Like Urban planning, the Aid's epidemic, Poverty, injustice...and the list would go on and on. Realizing I am a mere mortal and God is GOD. Mercy me, pour it out.
So living waters is nearly over, 3 more meetings. Then I am a graduate of the program. Where does that take me or leave me? There has been so many times when I have just felt God hold me, tenderly caress me and tell me He loves me. Showing me how to live a life of purity and in that admitting that I am a broken vessel and he is the master restorer. I decided at the end of January, that I needed to do the opposite of how I felt. So that has led me to join in on a men's breakfast every friday morning at 630 am, joining in or starting up a housegroup, continuing to be accountable to a couple of men. Also continuing on in this healing journey. Submitting to God my brokenness, asking Him to heal me and knowing he will.
Also stepping out to serve others has been so important. I really do believe that we gain healing by serving. Working at the House of Hesed has been so important. I get so much out of that job. Also, working at New Direction as a volunteer until school is out and giving my time learning what goes on in the office has been so valuable. I look forward to the potential of working full time in the office. So stepping out into the unknown is good. Learning to look at others who choose to live differently with a different focus is good. It is all a learning curve...thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit who stirs and teaches our hearts. So ya, if I offended anyone about the burbs...forgive me please, I am a work in progress.


RottenRobbie said...

Your a rabbid anti-burbite! May a strip mall pop up in front of your house overnight and a big box parking lot behind:)

kenny said...

Ah...had to laugh at that one, I feel that at times...rabbid!!!! Watch it!
Good to meet the other night. It meant a lot!

RottenRobbie said...

Fer sher, it was great to hang out with you and talk about what's on our hearts & minds. We should do that again soonish, it was fun.