Sunday, July 02, 2006


so ya...I have not blogged a lot while here. I have not had a lot of time. I have been busy meeting people, being ministered to and learning about the ministry.
It is incredible this journey. FAST FORWARD! REDEMPTION! GO GOD GO!

He who has begun a good work in me will finish it to completion...for his glory and fame.

Living out loud in the church, community, government, family, friends...what does that look like? What does that entail? It is not being afraid of what is ahead but focused on the here and now...for tomorrow may never come.

So I felt challenged this week...on many levels. I would like to share this, yet, I know that I need to do some reflecting as well. God is continually stretching me and getting me out of the comfort zones in my life.
Knowing, I have a voice, I have a story...of hope, restoration and his grace and mercy. Praise him.
This journey is not about me. It is about God...and of his character. It is not about me. Because nothing has been done in my life without God. I die to myself, my agenda and continually ask God to move areas of my life that I have hid away.

Some HUGE stuff happened during ministry time and that too. Things to do with the church and my bad repenting of my attitude and steps that I need to take to ask for forgiveness. As scary that is, I need to take the steps that I feel that God is asking me to take. I know that his glory will come out of it.
Well, we leave tomorrow and I am TIRED!
Please pray for our provisions, and travel.

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