Thursday, November 23, 2006

make my path straight

Today, we put on a one day conference on gender issues. It was good. I shared and talked with people and how they can love like Christ.

I love doing that, I love it...yet, it is tiring. So I took this photo this year when my friend Jeanne came and visited me. It was good to practice taking photo's at night. I love the orange.

Today, I realized something that I have to do for me. Something that I need to address in my life, something that is hard to do, but for me, it is important.
I have taken steps this past year to focus on living a healthy life and what that means. Sometimes that means saying or doing things that may or may not make people happy, yet, there are times when you just have to do it for your own well being.
So I am not sure how that will look, or what the results of this decision will be, but I trust in God my Father that He will make my paths straight. That he will be glorified in my life. I look to him for my strength and I look to him for my guidance.
But this is short, as I am off to my life group. I enjoy this group of people, we do life together and are slowly being knit together, sharing our lives with one another. That is what it is all about.
But first, have to go feed the cats, put food in my stomach and breath for a moment or two.
If there is any prayer warriors out there...please pray for my finances. I am trusting in God to do a miracle, as I try to be a faithful steward in what he gives me.


Lisa J said...

Hey Kenny!
check out Proverbs 3:1-26. I was praying about some stuff as I was sitting around tonight and when I read it, I thought of you, so maybe there's something there you need to hear.
I'll be praying for you.


RottenRobbie said...

Sent one up to the Big Man for ya'.

kenny said...

thanks for the prayers...and yes, Prov 3:1-26, hit me at the core. Thanks for that. I will meditate on that for awhile.

Joyska said...

Joyska here. I totally remember you, and am thrilled you are heading this way in December. If there is any possibility of connecting during the conference, that would be great! I'll be there pretty much the whole time, so lets set up a time and place! I'm excited to catch up with you! great blog by the way!

Marnie said...

Hey Kenn! It just so happens that a prayer warrior was reading your blog today! I'm praying for you!

Take care and keep in touch. I'm so glad I can come see you this way while I am in Hawaii and beyond. Take care.

Love you lots!