Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Last night I came home from Living Waters and spent some time praying and my mind was on a man that I know in the hospital and I had the sense to pray and lift him up to the Lord. I thanked the Lord for this man, but I also prayed that God would comfort him and bring him peace, that when the time was right to take him home. That Jesus would welcome him into the kingdom. I planned on seeing him tonight, but also had a feeling that I would not see him again. I cried. The emotions flooded to the surface and I knew that God was right there with this man. The next day I got the message, that he had passed on the night before.
So today I remember that friend. I knew him for a short time and today I thought it was way to short, but in looking back, God brought that friend into my life to teach me many wonderful things about life, relationships and strength of character. You see, he is now rejoicing in heaven, with his wonderful saviour, friend and Father. I look at his life with awe and amazement. He experienced much, and so he loved much. We would sit together sharing moments of laughter and sorrow and often through excruciating pain. We watched musicals and shared our stories. He would ask me many questions about faith and God and grace. He was eager to understand and often doubted...much like Thomas, and so Jesus allowed Thomas to feel his nail pierced hands. I believe that this gentle man, was given that same blessing from Jesus as he entered into the throne room of the most high King. I am thankful for the many wonderful things I learnt from him and will miss him. I think of the joys of gardening that he had and the long walks and yet how hard it was for him to enjoy even that. The picture here, is what he would have loved to look at and frolic in. He would have handled the flowers with care and tended it with much love.

It is hard too, I know that he is in heaven, he is free of pain and suffering, yet I miss his smile, his warm hugs as he thanked me for giving him care and looking after the little things. For taking the time to just listen to him, I will miss those times most of all. Strange how death works, especially for those who you know will find greater comfort not to be in their earthly bodies.

I am blessed to work at a place that provides such amazing care and support for those who live and breath in the home. I often say to people that Monday is my favourite day of the week. It is not a hardship to do a double shift of to rush from one job to the other, it is a blessing to me. To share Christ in practical ways. To cook, clean and love others.

So to the men and women, to the Director, the staff, volunteers who give and give over and above what is asked or called for, I pray God will bless you and strengthen you. He cherishes each and everyone of you. He sees your heart and is glad. I pray that our Father will comfort and give you all peace that knows no end.

...and thank you Jesus, for welcoming our brother into your kingdom...

I love you!
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