Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the way is pretty narrow, can you walk it?

I have talked about the road less traveled and the way of the cross. Tonight we spoke with a group of skaters. They requested that we come in and talk about the issues of homosexuality and what they can do in terms of relating to friends who have come out to them.

It was good, to talk to them, relate to them that regardless…you love your friends. Why is it so hard to love others? Authentically? Without pretense? Without judgement?

If we take the stand that in the end of days, it will not be us who stand doing the judging rather that of God, the eternal Father. He will judge us according to the things we have done here on earth. How we have chosen to live and experience life. I remember full well when that reality of truth entered my being.

It was a process of days, weeks, months, years, that brought about this realization, into full context for me. I believe that God gently woos us with his love. He is a respecter of people and will not force himself upon a person. Rather, he gently guides.

I remember traveling to and from Vancouver, when I lived in Langley. One day, the sunrises struck me with awe. Then it was the sunsets that struck me. I remember commenting all the time at how they looked. It was really amazing actually. At times, I would just sit quietly looking in amazement at this wonderful creation experience. Each sunset and sunrise was different, often bringing about a different expression of love. Deep down, I knew that God was doing something. You can suppress God and the things he is doing, and your heart becomes cold and hardened. I had done that. I forgot about him. I forgot to take delight in the things he was showing me and trying to teach me. I was walking in rebellion to how he wanted me to live. In the midst of that rebellion however, I learnt a lot about life. God has shown me that he was there in the midst of the rebellion...waiting for me to decide.

Rebellion feels good for a while. You get a feeling of invincibility. You don’t think of the consequences of your actions, rather, you live for the moment, getting your pleasures met. We are living in a world where rebellion is a common practice. Theology is twisted to meet our needs, our wants and our desires. I once took great delight in the way it proved that the way I wanted to live made sense, rather than the more narrow way of God. Did I seek God in how I wanted to live? Did I pray that the holy spirit would direct my course?

In the end God continued to draw me and love me, regardless of the choices I had made. I started to dream dreams, and started to feel a deep unsettling in my inner man and realized that I could not go on any more in my quest to meet my own needs and desires the way I wanted them met.

I believe fully that God is shaking up his people, beginning in the church and extending outward. I believe that we are in the last days, and God is a jealous God. He wants to be in relationship with his people. He wants us to know him.

Life is but a breath compared to eternity and I desire to be seeking after God in all I do. In all the actions and plans that have to be made, I desire God to be the head of those plans.

Often times, the world will look at these thoughts and laugh. I have been listening to an artist named Misty Edwards and she sings a song about Noah, and these days are like Noah’s days. People will laugh at us when we choose God and the things he calls us to do. When we fast and pray, people will not understand! When we look to serve and give way past our means. When we lay down our lives for another. When we lay down our own fleshly desires to follow after God and His desires. It is foolish to the ways of the world. Yet, I am not apart of the world. I am an alien to the world. I am here to do God’s will. To serve him.

It sounds like life would be zero fun, yet, there is much joy and peace knowing that God is in control of everything.

So I continue to walk the narrow path. Trusting that no matter what, God in his love for me, his child will guide me and protect me and provide for my every need.

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Cathy said...

Hi Kenny, just checking in to see how things are going..

Praying for you..