Tuesday, April 18, 2006

just a bit of me

This is written after the Easter weekend....

This weekend was BUSY! I wish that monday would have been a holidy so I could just sit and veg a bit. I have not had one of those days of late and I have been missing it. Something about reading a good book in the sun.

I need solitude sometimes, to refresh my soul.
I need nature to calm me and bring me to the awe moments.
I need music to fill me with melody's.
I need people to encourage and lift me up.

But most of all I need God. I need him. Someone asked me if I was dependant on him. I said yes. I depend on God to teach me, speak to me. To guide me through life. Who am I that I should be God or think that I am He? I often push him aside and busy my life with other "stuff". I put off spending time in his presence. I put off talking with him. For what? Life get's busy and I forget. Blame it on short term memory loss, or just the fact that I don't say no when I really should or the fact that I do not budget my time well.

Living Waters is over and a new group is starting up in a week. I am so looking forward to meeting again with a group of men. I have to say, I have missed it, which is huge. It is refreshing and real...to be a part of men encouraging one another and building each other up. Recognizing the fact that we were never meant to do life on our own. How important community is to each of us. Thinking of small villages and towns were everyone knew each other and helped each other out, and now trying to make that happen here in a big city...it can be hard. People can get lost.

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Jude said...

It was my dad's death that really brought home the reality of my need for community. My mom in a small town, Mennonite church, surrounded by people who are supporting her even 10 months later. Me, arriving back in Winnipeg to 2 sympathy cards from coworkers, no visits, few phone calls. I had to work hard to keep from being bitter. No one means to hurt. How do we do community in a city? It seems to come easier in smaller communities. Don't want to be without it, but I still am.