Thursday, April 13, 2006


Akeelah and the Bee. A movie not to be missed. It is not out yet...just saw the screening. It brought me to much of God in the movie. I wonder sometimes who writes this and why? What was their thoughts behind writing the movie. I found it personally interesting, the racial situations, the family components and how community can be found everywhere...when we least expect it. How there are thousands of mentors and teachers all around us.

I went with a couple of who is more than just a friend. Someone who has come into my life in a fresh and real way. Someone who takes my breath away. Who I treasure and hold with integrity and honor. Who is like a blossoming flower...glowing with the spirit within her.

I think back at a few months ago and how I commented to a friend how I am just enjoying being single, content to be like this for awhile and really, actually enjoying it. How things can change. I stand though in awe of God who works his hand in our lives. Who challenges us, stretches us, and gives us the desires of our heart, when at times are not even looking for it.

As I prepare for the celebration of Easter, I think at the time when I watched the Passion. I had a few years ago vowed I would not see it. When I watched it last summer, I wept...sobbed...snot everywhere. I saw with new eyes a little of what Christ went through...and for I let it minister to me. Some people will not see it because of the violence and I watched in shear heart ache as he was beaten, thinking that he took that for me. Realizing that the movie portrayed just a hint of the gruesome facts that probably took place...hits me even harder.

So I enter this time to reflect on the sacrifice, the gift and the hope that I have. To stand in awe of my Abba Father.

Ya, life is changing, it is challenging, it is giving. It is about renewal, restoration and refuge. I have seen God wonderful ways. Hmmm, ya! Restoring the years the locusts have eaten, giving back the vineyards....Praise Him.

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Tye said...

I watch in amazement of God's hand on your life, you are and have been agreat encouragement to me and an example of what it means to surrender ones everything into the hands of a amazing God!!! Keep Trusting my friend.