Wednesday, April 12, 2006

spays and stuff

So my cat got spayed today. I took her in early and she was really freakin out. I felt sad for her. Maybe she wanted more kittens...but I wasn't willing to stay put for 6 months. So that answered that. The vet said she was really said "so you have not been around an abbyssinian lately." She is at home resting peacefully.

Housegroup meeting. It was good to meet new people and start connecting to the body of Christ. Really...this is community.

Soul is having a good friday service...9 am for the stations of the cross, an event not to be missed. Then from 11-1230 a service. Come out if you are curious and want to take some time out and meditate.

Last weekends trip to the lake...well, what can I say. It was good. Company was very good. Really!!!

That is exciting the scary at the same time.

I want to reflect a bit more on Easter, the Passion and just life in general, so I will write more later.

Does anyone read this blog?


RottenRobbie said...

Hearing crickets are we?:}

Melanie said...

Yep, you have some readers :) Just quiet ones.