Saturday, April 15, 2006

stations of the cross

bad friday...or is it good.

I have often wondered that at Easter. Jesus died, he died a horrible death, tortured beyond belief...I wonder if his relatives would even recognize him. Today at Soul we went through the stations of the cross...a labrinth of meditations, reflection and taking time to be still.

It was more powerful that I thought it would be. It sometimes takes me awhile to get "the distractions" out of my head. So the 2 hours of meditation flew by. Really, it was amazing.

The service was quiet, introspective. I felt like an observer would have felt in the garden, at the supper and at the cross. I felt deep sadness, yet deep love and praise. I could have burst out in wailing, as I told my friends. Something deep touched my Soul and that was the spirit of God. Ministering something within. Deep gratitude for what Jesus bore and took for me. All of it for me. When they took the cross out of the room like a funeral service...darkened room, I wondered, was this it? What if this was it? What if he just died? But he didn't. He rose again...and I look forward in celebrating with much praise that Jesus did not just die. But that he rose again. Praise you Lord.

I am so tired, it has been a long day...went for a round of golf today, first one of the season. Wish I could go more often this year...but it might be tight. Thanks for the game buddy!! Shot a 53 and watched as my friend hit some incredible shots. Wow, even after one lesson...okay...teach me now.

Then went to my dad's place and spent time playing and eating good food. I am exhausted looking forward in just getting into bed. My cat got spayed and so she needs some TLC from me. Curled up on my lap, purring loudly. She is way cute.

Until next time...


Jude said...

Nothing profound - just letting you know I check in.

RottenRobbie said...

Bob Barker would be proud...