Wednesday, July 20, 2005

July 20th, 2005, intimacy

This morning I just couldn't find the devotion room. I walked around searching. So I went back to my find intimacy with God in my quiet place. Submitting my all and all to Him who created me. Yesterday I was overwelmed by the picture of God's faithfulness. As I lived in BC, Majestic mountains and I was reminded that I lived on my own strength. God called me to the prairies to open me, to show me space, to be vulnerable. What did I do? I continued to walk in my own strength, not baring my soul, not giving him my everything. Not allowing Him the opportunity to move freely in my heart. Now being here at Exodus, I again am in the mountains and forests (the mountains of North Carolina). Hemmed in-secure in this sacred place...or what feels like sacredness. Giving God my everything. The irony of this situation makes me emotional. God is faithful, His love is for me. What He started, He will see to completion. That is my reassurance. That is the love of the Father for me, his child.
Lord, my prayer this morning, is that you will continue to be my all in all, my everything. That I have nothing without you. That you will show yourself to me each day. The father I need to see. The falling in love process, the intimacy with you my all in all, my everything.

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LightBulb the Clown said...

Kenn, it's been so amazing to read, and re-read your entries. As amazing as it's been to read, I am blessed to have been re-united with my brother. You have encouraged me by your faith, by your desire to be transparent, to be real.

Thanks for coming home!! More importantly, thanks for coming HOME.

Love you,