Sunday, July 24, 2005

July 23rd, 2005 God speaks

Today was the end of Exodus, but the continuation of a journey, that I am so looking forward in. A newness. I cannot comment on the service tonight...there are no words to describe the communion service. I was moved to tears throughout the service. When the man played the flute...and there wasn't a physical flute to be seen...I get goosebumps still. When the flags came down the isle and they where waved over our heads...these flags with fire colors on them and a lion head...ah....have to stop there! My words will not do it justice...a little tiny glimpse of the glory land!

This is what I heard....


I, God almighty loves you. I adore you even before you were born. I knew you. I knew you before the earth was formed. You, I am pleased with. The work I have started in you, I WILL COMPLETE FOR MY GLORY. Remember, I am with you. My rod and staff comfort you. I will lead you beside quiet waters and give you rest. Don't strive all the time, I don't care. I love you for who you arenow, this very minute, second. I pour out my healing water, drink from me when you are thirsty and I will give you peace, joy, love, peace, peace. Kenn, I love you, my precious child.

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Tremenda TrigueƱa said...

Kenny, I love your blog. I have you linked on my page, I hope you will come by and visit sometime! Thanks for the inspiration...