Saturday, July 23, 2005

July 23, 2005....3 a.m. way...late...

3 am.....came in from a great dinner out. Nine of us, talking about life. Then after the meal, the guys went to Batman...and it was awesome. After the movie we went and talked at the local watering hole. It was good. Again, sometimes I just laughed so hard and some times, the past was way to present! It was a bit hard sometimes to take and realizing that was tough to take at times. I've been silent...and silent for way too long. God call me out of the silence. One of the ladies tonight talked about that as well. It was learning about her own silence and the steps to free her of that. In asking questions and keeping a conversation going. That's what I need-to learn to initiate conversation and keep it going. But I am also encouraged and am feeling good about where I am at in life.
Tye and I climbed to the top of Rattlesnake Summit. It was a great climb...a few rocky sections. How appropriate to climb to the top this first mountain top experience. Tye has started back down and I stood on top, and reached out my right hand and allowed God to grasp my right hand. I thanked God for the experience and I asked God to reveal the symbolism of the climbing and being on the top and then climbing down.
There was gentle areas then quite rocky and then steep...then you hit a plateau and the trail would widen....then it would narrow again. Then at the top it was quite rocky and you could see for miles. It was beautiful.
I pray Lord for a peaceful sleep, speak to me in my dreams and visions. Continue to work in my heart, I give you my thoughts and desires.
oh...I spotted a orange spotted gecko...the body was brown and the spots orange. Anyone know what kind of gecko it was. It was CUTE!

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